Advanced 3D Motion Capture - with patented Skin Layer Technology for remote bio-monitoring


Displacement is measured with hyper accuracy and resolution, hence all derivatives (speed, acceleration and jerk) are equally of supreme accuracy.

+1000 Hz measurement speed 

0.2% of the displacement precision

Due to the unprecedented kHz range capturing speed, which can reach up to a dazzling 50.000 Hz for a 0.2 % precision, the system allows ultra precise monitoring of notoriously difficult body motion capturing, such as pitching in baseball, bowling in cricket, serving in tennis, etc.

This also allows capturing such minute displacements as the onset and development of muscle tremble, for example caused by fatigue (standing too long), by excessive effort (climbing flights of stairs) or by a neurodegenerative disease (parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc…).

Due to our super high performance direct measurement concept, the system allows comparing strategic moves in detail, producing unequivocal medical quality measurement data.